About us

We have been the your favourite partner in organizing of the esteemed Hungarian / Austrian bicycle tours for already more than 20 years. We organize bike trips on which each night you spend in a different hotels although once you have the chance to stay 1 X 2 nights in the same one (day off, a day of recreation). Our trips are not “typical” package holidays but more like adventure tours, since we offer you guided cycletours that optimally combine the advantages of cycling with discovery- and study tours.

Our tours are comfortable – your luggage travels from the start-hotel in Vienna or in Budapest in the follower bus where it is accessible at any time. At the end of the cycling day it is carried to the front desk/room of your hotel.

Quality has its price. We are not “low cost-organizers” but we provide our guests with a wide range of services for a reasonable price (see included services & admissions, etc.). Our qualified cycle-guides can bring both the country and its people closer to you.

Attention! Our pulsating capital Budapest with its 2 million inhabitants is only the ending or mostly always the starting point of our tours. Because of the heavy traffic and the lack of bicycle roads our capital can not be called a cycle-friendly city. Therefore we take you fast and comfortably without your luggage by bus or by IC train to the starting point of the cycle route and we will also organize your return after tour.

Time is changing – the low-cost airlines flood us with their offers.That’s why you have the opportunity to reach us fast, inexpensive and comfortably also by plane (landing in Budapest and/or in Vienna).You just book, fly here and on the following day you sit on the saddle of one of our regularly checked and comfortable tour bikes.

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