Abundance of Culture and Wine

Bike Tour No. 2.

From Lake Balaton to the Thermal Spa – Vineyard Regions Wildlife Reserve at the Danube.

Vienna-Danube-Lake Balaton-Budapest

Bike Tour No. 4.

1 River + 2 Countries + 3 Lakes + 4 Castles
Danube Cycle Path – Lake Neusiedl Bike Way – Lake Balaton Cycle Route

Hungarian Nature and Spa Tour

Bike Tour No. 5.

...Hortobágy-Plain, where Mankind and Nature can find to each other again. Cycling from one Spa to one other.

The Varied Tour

Bike Tour No. 11.

Hidden Treasures of Hungary – Highland, Waterfalls, Stalactite Cave and Tokaj.

The Hungarian Great Plain

Bike Tour No. 12.

From Tokaj Along the River Tisza, Through the Puszta to Budapest

Lake Balaton Round Trip

Bike Tour No. 14.

The great Balaton cycling road – all around the lake arriving and departure from Budapest

Magnetism of the Eastern Flatlands

Bike Tour No. 16.

Soft Cycling through the Upper Tisza-region, Along the Triple Frontier of East Hungary.

Vienna - Budapest - Vienna

Bike Tour No. 18.

A Comfortable and Varied Circuit
Best Selection of the Danube Bike Trail

Castles and Spas by Cycling

Bike Tour No. 19.

Taking this bicycle tour, you will ride along rivers and lakes and the historical “Iron Curtain”.

Highlights of the rustic Hungary

Bike Tour No. 20.

“...We want to see the highlights of Hungary, but as much as possible avoiding the regular tourist trail...”

Rivers, Spas, Paprika & Art Nouveau

Bike Tour No. 21.

- where mix the fragrance of apricot brandy, garlic and salami -
Crisscrossing through the Hungarian South-Great-Plain

Sailing & Cycling Tour

Bike Tour No. 22.

Activity holiday for sailors & bikers. Small tourist parties: max. 4 guests per sailing yacht.

Budapest City Bike Tour

Guided cycle tour in the
Danube-Metropolis Budapest – in English

The tour is guaranteed by four full paying adults. (reservation is necessary)
Start: 09:30 a.m. from the contractual hotel
End: around 13:30 p.m. at the contractual hotel

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